Finding Answers in the Freezer

If you’ve had a biopsy or surgery connected to a breast cancer diagnosis at Winship, chances are you were asked to allow some of your left-over tissue to be used in Emory’s breast tissue bank. If you consented, you are helping researchers here and all across the country find answers to improving diagnosis, treatment, even prevention of breast cancer.

Winship set out to build a more comprehensive breast tissue bank in 2010. Today, Emory’s breast tissue procurement and banking program, designed by three of Winship’s leading breast cancer researchers and funded by the Wilbur and Hilda Glenn Family Foundation, has greatly expanded and is enabling researchers to more easily and more quickly find the breast tissue they need to move forward.

Paula Vertino heads up a team of genetic researchers working with data gathered from breast tissue samples that will allow them to better understand and treat an individual’s cancer.

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