CT Simulation

Before treatment can begin, a CT scan is taken of the area on your body to be treated with radiation.

Computed tomography (CT) simulation, or a CT scan, features a state of the art scanner that can capture images of every curve and angle of a patient's body. Tumor are accurately outlined in the scan. The simulation process can last anywhere from 10-60 minutes. Emory's CT simulator system offers high-resolution imaging and short examination time.

What does CT Simulation look like?

During CT simulation, you are placed in the CT scanner. A therapist will create a device to hold your body into the proper position for treatment, which often depends on the location of your tumor. Customized special pads or a head mask may be used.

CT ScanAfter the scan, you will have a cast made or ink marks placed on your skin. These non-permanent marks will be used to position you for treatment daily and it is very important that they remain on your body during the full course of treatment.

Your treatment team will use data from the CT images to plan your treatment. Your treatments usually begin approximately one week after your CT simulation.