Kristen Burnham, CMD



Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University



Kristen Asbury, MS, CMD, joined our department as a medical dosimetrist in February 2014. Kristen earned her BS from Duke University in 2005 and then relocated to Baltimore, MD. While there, Kristen received her Master's Degree in Biotechnology in 2007 and her Master's in Business Administration in 2012, both from University of Maryland University College. In 2008 she graduated from the University of Maryland’s School of Medical Dosimetry and received her certification in 2009 from the Medical Dosimetry Certification Board.

Kristen works as a medical dosimetrist at the Emory University Clifton Campus, and enjoys being involved in treatment planning, research projects, and teaching activities. She has been actively involved in the American Association of Medical Dosimetrsts national group, giving presentations at annual meetings and contributing to other research endeavors. In her free time, Kristen enjoys running, following her favorite sports teams and cooking.