Medical Physics

The focus of a medical physicist is to make sure that radiation is administered safely and accurately.

It is the job of the medical physicist to make sure therapeutic radiation is being administered properly to patients while making sure the staff and general public are shielded and not inadvertently exposed. Quality assurance and safety are two terms synonymous with medical physicists. Medical physicists are an integral part of the radiation oncology team.

Our priorities are:

  • Clinical
  • Research
  • Teaching

The mission of the Division of Medical Physics is to improve the efficacy of radiation therapy and well-being of our patients through high-quality clinical service, the implementation of improved treatment planning and delivery technologies and research programs to improve the efficiency and efficacy of radiation therapy.

In addition to clinical service and research collaborations at Winship Cancer Institute, the Division of Medical Physics offers a two-year Radiation Oncology residency program for medical physicists, an official program within Emory University School of Medicine.

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