Current Residents

PGY-2 residents from left to right: Neal S. McCall, MD, Ashley Schlafstein, MD, James Janopaul-Naylor, MD and David Qian, MD, PhD.

There are 19 residents, PGY-1 through PGY-5, enrolled in the Department of Radiation Oncology's physician residency program.

2019-2020 Chief Residents

Mustafa Abugideiri

Mustafa Abugideiri, MD

Zachary Buchwald

Zachary Buchwald, MD, PhD


Naba Ali

Naba Ali, MD
2019, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, MD
2015, University of Rochester, BS, Neuroscience

Matthew Gallito

Matthew Gallito, MD
2019, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, MD
2014, New York University, BA, Biology

Joshua Lorenz

Joshua Lorenz, MD
2019, Medical College Wisconsin
2015, St. John's University, BA, Biochemistry

Jacob Wynne

Jacob Wynne, MD
2019, Emory University School of Medicine, MD
2011, Cornell University, BS, Biology


Neal McCall

Neal S. McCall, MD
2018, Thomas Jefferson University, MD
2013, University of Pittsburgh, BS, Chemistry

James Janopaul-Naylor

James Janopaul-Naylor, MD
2018, University of Pennsylvania, MD
2014, College of William and Mary, BS, Mathematics and Neuroscience

David Qian

David Qian, MD, PhD
2018, Dartmouth College, MD
2016, Dartmouth College, PhD, Quantitative Biomedical Sciences
2011, Dartmouth College, BA, Biophysical Chemistry/Economics

Ashley Schlafstein

Ashley Schlafstein, MD
2018, Augusta University, MD
2012, Cornell University, BA, Biology/Society


Vishal Dhere

Vishal Dhere, MD
2017, Emory University, MD
2011, University of Denver, BS, Molecular Biology/Chemistry/Medical Physics

Lisa Sudmeier

Lisa Sudmeier, MD, PhD
2017, University of Wisconsin-Madison, MD
2015, University of Wisconsin-Madison, PhD, Neuroscience/Cell Biology
2008, Washington University in St. Louis, BA, Biology

Yusef Syed

Yusef Syed, MD, MS
2017, University of Buffalo, MD
2007, Cornell University, MA, Mechanical Engineering
2005, Yale University, BA, Mechanical Engineering

Sarah Westergaard

Sarah Westergaard, MD
2017, University of Texas, MD
2013, Mississippi College, BS, Chemistry/Medical Sciences


Chase Escott

Chase Escott, MD
2016, Dartmouth College, MD
2004, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, BS, Mechanical Engineering

Neil Pfister

Neil Pfister, MD, PhD
2016, Columbia University, MD
2015, Columbia University, PhD, Cancer Biology
2009, University of Georgia, BS, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Genetics

Arif Rashid, MD

Arif S. Rashid, MD
2016, University of Pittsburgh, MD
2010, University of Pennsylvania, BS, Economics and BAS, Bioengineering

Karen Xu

Karen Xu, MD
2016, University of Pittsburgh, MD
2012, University of Rochester, BS, Physics, Applied Mathematics


Mustafa Abugideiri

Mustafa Abugideiri, MD
2015, George Washington University, MD
2011, University of Maryland, BS, Psychology

2019 Pippas Award Recipient

Zachary Buchwald

Zachary Buchwald, MD, PhD
2015, Saint Louis University, MD
2013, Saint Louis University, PhD, Immunology
2005, Washington University, BA, History

2019 Pippas Award Recipient

Daniel Tanenbaum

Daniel Tanenbaum, MD
2015, Georgia Regents University, MD
2010, University of Georgia, BS, Biology and Microbiology

Sibo Tian

Sibo Tian, MD
2015, Rutgers University, MD
2009, University of Chicago, BA, Biological Sciences and Economics